Join us for the first ever Awful Holiday Market

Saturday December 16, 12:00 – 18:00
Commelinstraat 338, just off the Dappermarkt

It's the holidays! Whether you're looking for something small for a friend or something big for yourself, we've got you covered. Four artists – Monika, Alex, Shannon, and Hans will all be selling painting, ceramics, prints and more. Stop by. Grab a glühwein, and treat yourself to some truly unique holiday finds.

Meet the Artists

A series of hands in different positions, painted in blue
A ceramic figure glazed in burnt sienna hugging itself
A female figure with a third eye dancing in an abstract scene
A ceramic mask glazed in red

Alex Covert

In her own words, Alex is a self-taught painter, performer, and workshop facilitator originally from the United States and currently based in Amsterdam. Her current creative focus is on the intersection of painting and performance. Her work explores the power of vulnerability as she attempts to shed her conditioned layers to discover her authentic self.

Abstract monoprints in red
A framed abstract artwork in cool colors
Geometric textures in green
An abstract piece in warm tones

Monika Kwiat

Meet Monika Kwiat! Monika is a multi-media artist whose work is highly personal, capturing her emotions and lived experience through photography, painting, printmaking, and more. The balance between chaos and harmony is clear in the reality-challenging colors and textures prevalent throughout her work.

Layered slabs of porcelain creating a low-fidelity model of the Stanford bunny
A tealight holder made of stacked slabs with small windows cut out
Layered slabs of dark grey stoneware creating a low-fidelity model of the Stanford bunny
A candleholder made of a series of triangular rotated slabs

Hans Gerwitz

Hans is a geek and an artist.

During the day, he's Head of Design at Canonical. When not working, he's enjoys experimenting with new and old technologies. His current obsession is hand-making clay forms that mimic novel production means.

A scene from Botticelli's Primavera overlaid with facial recognition rectangles
A collection of stoneware bowls with lips
Giclee prints of paintings where women stand in windows, secluded from the reality outside
A face pot with a plant for hair

Shannon E. Thomas

Shannon is a figurative artist who likes painting, drawing, and making things out of clay.

Conceptually, she's fascinated with mythology and technology. Aesthetically, she can't get enough of the human form, expressive faces, and patterns. Her early work obsessed over archetypes throughout history, religion, and pop culture. Now she looks to the future, exploring the ever evolving relationship between humans and technology.