At last, an Awful Opening! After months of construction and clean up, Awful Atelier is ready to be seen! We will be opening our doors to the public for the first time on Saturday the 30th of September between 19:00 and 22:00.

Atelier Awful is a creative space located in Amsterdam’s Dappermarkt.

A collaboration between Shannon E. Thomas and Hans Gerwitz, Atelier Awful is a cabinet of curiosities ranging from the visual to the edible. We seek to create and curate events and experiences that bring together old and new, sometimes in contrast and others in harmony.

Aside from published exhibition times, Awful is open by appointment only. Want an invite to our happenings? Join our mailing list.

Want to plan a visit? Get in touch.

Awful Artists

a painting of a girl drinking a lemon-flavored beverage in front of a window

Shannon E. Thomas

Shannon is a figurative artist who likes painting, drawing, and making things out of clay.

Conceptually, she’s fascinated with mythology and technology. Aesthetically, she can’t get enough of the human form, expressive faces, and patterns. Her early work obsessed over archetypes throughout history, religion, and pop culture. Now she looks to the future, exploring the ever evolving relationship between humans and technology.

two ceramic bunnies mimicking a 3D-printed style

Hans Gerwitz

Hans is a geek and an artist.

During the day, he's Head of Design at Canonical. When not working, he's enjoys experimenting with new and old technologies. His current obsession is hand-making clay forms that mimic novel production means.

a bowl with tomatoes roasted, sauced, and souped, with a voilet garnish

Jeroen de Rooij

Jeroen is a developer and designer who loves food. Not eating food, but creating the most beautiful and tasty dishes you've ever seen.

Using seasonal ingredients, Jeroen loves to bring out the best in each flavor so that even the smallest bite packs the biggest punch.

Awful Events

a painting of a girl drinking a lemon-flavored beverage in front of a window

30 September 2023

An Awful Opening

Our very first event, open to friends, friends of friends, and anyone who happens to stumble in. There will be art, drinks, bites, and more.

a painting of a girl drinking a lemon-flavored beverage in front of a window

7 October 2023

The First Supper

We might not have all the big names like Jesus did, but the conversation is bound to be just as good and the food a whole lot better. This supper is invite-only (sorry Judas), but you’re welcome to sign up to find out about happenings. Or if you want to plan your own private dinner, drop us a line.